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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - Second Regular Session
  Lucy Mason

Lucy Mason

District 1

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 304
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5874
Fax Number: (602) 417-3001


Personal Information:


Representative Lucy Mason’s deep Arizona roots go back four generations in cattle ranching and land management. She is married to Rex, an architect, and together they have four grown children and three grandchildren. Mrs. Mason was educated at Arizona State University, University of Houston, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona Masters Watershed Program. In her early career, she was a technical illustrator for the NASA Lunar Landing Missions and for over twenty years she was an architectural illustrator for commercial and institutional projects across the nation. During that time she also owned a small business and is familiar with the challenges facing business owners 

Mrs. Mason is past Chairman of the Gang Prevention Task Force; graduate and past president of Prescott Area Leadership; Children’s Council; Founding member of Youth Count and served on Governor Jane Hull’s Task Force for K-12 Education.
Mrs. Mason began her political career as she served on the Prescott City Council in 1997, as liaison for all water issues from local to state levels; is a Founding member of the Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee, and Board Chairman of the Yavapai Combined Trust for 3000 employees’ health insurance. At the Legislature, Mrs. Mason’s main concerns are water and energy, education, healthcare, and tax and fiscal policy issues and is currently Chairman of the Water and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives.


Committee Assignments
Environment Member Click Here Click Here
Water and Energy Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2001 P taxpayer voluntary contribution; fund
HB2005 C Arizona masonic fraternity special plates
HB2033 C emissions; motorcycles; area A; date
HB2051 C corporation commission; contractors; regulation
HB2081 P* department of water resources; continuation
HB2082 P* residential utility consumer office; continuation
HB2083 P* drought emergency groundwater transfers See Vote
HB2084 P* technical correction; schools; transportation
HB2085 P* photo enforcement; citation issuance
HB2086 P* community colleges; bonds; technical correction
HB2087 P* technical correction; teacher certification; reciprocity
HB2134 P* consumer reporting agencies; account information
HB2135 P* sanitary districts; bonds
HB2136 P* sentencing; prior convictions; methamphetamine.
HB2152 C voluntary remediation program; continuation
HB2241 P renewable energy production tax credit
HB2245 P Arizona agricultural youth; special plates
HB2250 P Arizona's job recovery act
HB2290 P waste tires in abandoned mines
HB2299 P universities; common course numbering
HB2307 P Arizona manufactured firearms; regulation
HB2324 C Grand Canyon airport special district
HB2335 C city; town; county; expenditure limitation
HB2372 P state buildings; energy conservation
HB2379 C judicial determinations; applicability.
HB2380 C bond, budget elections; ballot format
HB2384 C immigration laws; local law enforcement
HB2395 C schools; payroll deductions; union dues
HB2401 C teacher loan program; geographic shortages
HB2419 C sibling visitation rights See Vote
HB2425 C vulnerable adults; attorney fees
HB2427 P military overseas voting; ballot arguments.
HB2441 P presidential candidates; proof of qualifications
HB2442 C greenhouse gas emissions; regulations
HB2443 P health care coverage; choice
HB2468 C technical correction; exchange teachers
  (NOW: optometrists; medication
HB2469 C certified medication assistants
HB2471 C appointed mental health experts; requirements See Vote
HB2494 C permissible raffles; clubs
HB2525 C life sentence; parole eligibility
HB2534 C traffic complaints; social security number
HB2535 C national guard tuition reimbursement
HB2536 C license plate obstruction; wheelchair holders
HB2537 C schools; ELL models; exemption
HB2538 C federal mandates; proof of constitutionality
HB2539 C employment; absence for military duties
HB2540 C national disaster medical system; leave
HB2541 C military duty; unemployment insurance
HB2542 C political signs; public right-of-way
HB2543 C firearms; regulation; state preemption.
HB2544 C unrestrained minors; motor vehicles; prohibition
HB2545 C professions; dismissed complaints; records See Vote
HB2546 C medical malpractice actions; burden
HB2547 C prescription drugs; reimportation
HB2552 C liquor establishments; hours of operation
HB2553 C driver licenses; automatic organ donation
HB2554 P* foreclosure consultants.
HB2555 P* full-day kindergarten; repeal
HB2556 P* schools; ADE; reduction; reform
HB2557 P* schools; NCLB; opt-out
HB2558 P* state bonds; technical correction
HB2559 P* technical correction; industrial development; insurance
HB2560 P* setoff debt; technical correction
HB2561 P* agency accounts; technical correction
  (NOW: groundwater transportation; Big Chino sub-basin
HB2562 P* tax notes; definitions; technical correction
HB2563 P* technical correction; child hearing programs
HB2564 P* tax anticipation bonds; technical correction
HB2565 P* technical correction; rebate set-aside
HB2566 P* tax exemption; technical correction
HB2567 P* school bonds; technical correction
HB2569 C sex offender registration; requirement
HB2571 P* technical correction; food standards
HB2572 P* dangerous crimes against children; sentencing
HB2573 P* cities; water softeners; salts
HB2574 P* renewable energy districts
HB2575 P* state grand juries; jurisdiction.
HB2576 P* heat and power tax credit
HB2577 P* incest; classification.
HB2600 P state holiday; boy scouts
HB2614 C large electronics recycling program
HB2617 P mining amendments; water; permits; rules See Vote
HB2626 P deeds of trust; foreclosure procedures See Vote
HB2627 C county transportation excise tax; transit See Vote
HB2628 P fund; sustainable state parks fee
HB2631 C state capitol restoration recapture district
HB2645 P rest area maintenance; ADOT agreements
HB2649 C abortion; reporting requirements.
HB2651 C human egg providers; protection
HB2652 C human embryos; treatment
HB2679 C tax exemption; made in Arizona
HB2699 C child prostitution; classification
HB2724 P state board; community colleges
  (NOW: community colleges; state board
HB2744 P* bottled water surcharge
HCR2001 P sovereignty; tenth amendment
HCR2014 P* NCLB; opt out
HCR2029 P legislature; term limits repeal.
HCR2030 C legislative districts; single member
HCR2031 P legislature; term limits; four years
HCR2034 C public agency lobbyists.
HCR2040 P sustainable state parks fund
HCR2048 C Arizona State University; excellence
HCR2061 P* property tax valuation limits
HCR2064 C death resolution; Geronimo
HCR2068 P Jack Brown western day
HCR2069 P death resolution; Sandy Doty
HCR2070 P death resolution; Stewart Udall
HCR2071 P Norm Moore
HR2001 P Chicago Cubs; spring training
HR2002 P Eric Shuhandler; death resolution
HR2003 P Temple Emanu-El; centennial
HR2005 P death resolution; Marc Alan Lee
HR2008 C Rabbi Albert Plotkin; death resolution
SB1070 C immigration; law enforcement; safe neighborhoods
  (NOW: safe neighborhoods; immigration; law enforcement
SB1141 P CAGRD revenue bonding; sustainability policies
SB1215 P AHCCCS; integrative therapies pilot program
SB1309 C parents; rights
SB1359 P department of water resources; fund
SB1400 C irrigation grandfathered rights; dust control
SCR1026 C state lottery; permanent continuation.


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor