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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - Second Regular Session
  Andrew M. Tobin

Andrew M. Tobin
Majority Whip

District 1

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 217
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5172
Fax Number: (602) 417-3085

Personal Information:
Home City: Dewey
Occupation: Insurance
Member Since: 2006
Andy Tobin was born in New York City.  He is the son of a retired New York City Police Lieutenant, and the grandson of Irish Immigrants. He is the second of six children. His parents have been married for 53 years.

Andy moved to Arizona in 1979 and worked in banking and real estate lending for 13 years in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  He moved to Dewey 16 years ago and started his own employee benefit company, known as TLC Employee Benefits and Consulting. He specializes in insurance, marketing and public relations. He has been licensed with the Arizona Department of Insurance for over 20 years. Andy has just expanded his company to serve his clients with commercial, workers compensation, liability and even personal line insurance to compliment his benefits and marketing program.

Andy owned and operated a local Farmers Insurance for six years.  He was also CEO of a local aerospace company employing 200 people for three years until 2003.

Andy was elected the National President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce from 1988 – 1989. In that capacity Andy served as ex-officio board member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Hugh O’Brian Foundation. As President of the United States Junior Chamber, Andy lobbied the Reagan Administration and later the Bush Administration for passage of the Line Item Veto and a Balance Budget Amendment.

Andy has been married to his wife Jennifer for 23 years.  They have lived in their home in Paulden since 2004, where they have been raising their five children ages, 12 thru 21.

(Andy has served as AYSO Soccer Coach, T-Ball Coach, YMCA Basketball Coach Sacred Heart Church Finance Chairman, and Referee, St. Catherine’s Finance Committee, a member of the Sharlot Hall Executive Board of Directors. He is a member of both the Chino Valley and Prescott Valley Chambers of Commerce, a member of Prescott Good Gun, Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association, Knights of Columbus, Phoenix Jaycees, Republican Men’s Forum Member, Member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Chino Valley Rotary and the League of Women Voters. Andy Tobin is a former United Way Loan executive, was the Yavapai County Republican Party Finance Chairman and was twice the Yavapai Republican Annual Picnic Chairman.)

Andy was elected to represent District One in the Arizona House of Representatives in 2006 and was re-elected in 2008. He was Vice-Chairman of the House K-12 Committee and served on the Environment, Human Services and Retirement Committees. Andy was recognized as the 2007 Freshman Legislator of the Year by the Arizona School Board Association, 2008 Legislator of the Year by the Arizona School Superintendents  and was later recognized two years in a row as a Champion of the Arizona League of Cities and Town. Andy was just recently recognized as the 2008 Legislator of the Year by the Arizona Small Business Association (SBA) where he had the highest pro business score ever for a state law maker.

Andy was just elected after only his first term in office as the House Majority Whip. Andy is the only rural legislator in a leadership role at the state capital. In his leadership role Andy will be able to influence policy and budget issues as well as direct bills and legislative committee agenda. Andy will also serve on the Banking and Insurance Committee, the important Rules Committee as well as other duties assigned to him by the Speaker of the House.


Committee Assignments
Banking and Insurance Member Click Here Click Here
Rules Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2001 C taxpayer voluntary contribution; fund
HB2033 C emissions; motorcycles; area A; date
HB2062 P* admissibility of expert opinion testimony
  (NOW: aggravated assault; peace officer
HB2069 P* county election law amendments See Vote
HB2081 C department of water resources; continuation
HB2082 C residential utility consumer office; continuation
HB2083 C drought emergency groundwater transfers See Vote
HB2109 P* superior court; holiday hours
HB2134 C consumer reporting agencies; account information
HB2135 C sanitary districts; bonds
HB2148 C adoption
HB2152 C voluntary remediation program; continuation
HB2161 P* payday loans; regulation
HB2167 P* gun safety; education; special plates
HB2168 P* technical correction; veterans
  (NOW: auto insurance; disclosure
HB2169 P* technical correction; mandatory vehicle insurance
HB2170 P* technical correction; unclaimed property; transition
HB2171 P* water exchanges; technical correction
HB2209 C public meetings; notices
HB2212 C postsecondary institutions; housing priority
HB2234 P* technical correction; mandatory insurance; vehicles
HB2238 P* sexual offenses; probation; sentencing See Vote
HB2240 P* admissibility of expert opinion testimony.
  (NOW: recovery audits; public funds
See Vote
HB2245 C Arizona agricultural youth; special plates
HB2250 P Arizona's job recovery act
HB2260 P* regulatory rule making See Vote
HB2290 C waste tires in abandoned mines
HB2307 P Arizona manufactured firearms; regulation
HB2348 C veterans; disability benefits
HB2349 C charity game pull-tab games
HB2350 C purple heart recipients; tuition waiver
HB2384 C immigration laws; local law enforcement
HB2422 P* primitive roads
HB2423 P* municipal and county budgets
HB2441 C presidential candidates; proof of qualifications
HB2442 C greenhouse gas emissions; regulations
HB2443 C health care coverage; choice
HB2444 C department of liquor; transfer; DPS
HB2448 P* CAGRD revenue bonding; sustainability policies
HB2465 C limited liability; physicians; examinations
HB2481 P* technical correction; bond election
HB2482 P* agricultural improvement districts; technical correction
HB2483 P* bond contracts; technical correction
HB2492 P* admissibility of expert opinion testimony..
HB2526 C tax exemption; trap and skeet
HB2568 P* enterprise zone credits; qualifying employees
HB2587 P* school districts; unification assistance
HB2600 P state holiday; boy scouts
HB2601 P eagle scouts; complimentary fishing license See Vote
HB2615 C emergency communications; antennae; accommodation
HB2617 C mining amendments; water; permits; rules See Vote
HB2621 C concealed weapons permit; application; penalty
HB2626 C deeds of trust; foreclosure procedures See Vote
HB2628 C fund; sustainable state parks fee
HB2629 C misconduct involving weapons; retired officers
  (NOW: self-defense; political subdivisions; weapon records
See Vote
HB2630 C capital gain income tax subtraction
HB2631 C state capitol restoration recapture district
HB2645 C rest area maintenance; ADOT agreements
HB2648 C rules committee; budget reconciliation bills
HB2661 P* statewide water augmentation authority; study
HB2666 C small fire districts; board members
HB2667 C federal monies; appropriation
HB2672 C health savings accounts; reimbursement; incentives
HB2676 C energy park authority
  (NOW: university athletic facilities districts
See Vote
HB2701 C electric utilities; renewable energy standards
HB2724 C state board; community colleges
  (NOW: community colleges; state board
HB2731 C high schools; graduation; board examinations See Vote
HB2732 C schools; third grade retention See Vote
HB2733 C department of education; data collection See Vote
HB2736 C sports authority; surcharges
HCM2002 P* health care reform.
HCM2014 C nuclear energy plant; development
HCR2001 C sovereignty; tenth amendment
HCR2015 P* Navajo generating station; emissions standards
HCR2017 P* term limits; four years
HCR2023 C auditor general; reappointment
HCR2035 C supporting honor and remember flag
HCR2038 C line item veto; limitation
HCR2041 C funding ballot measures; reauthorization.
HCR2045 P* legislators' qualifications; technical correction
HCR2050 C first things first
HCR2064 C death resolution; Geronimo
HCR2066 C review; questionable arson convictions
HCR2068 P Jack Brown western day
HCR2069 C death resolution; Sandy Doty
HCR2070 C death resolution; Stewart Udall
HCR2071 P Norm Moore
HR2001 C Chicago Cubs; spring training
HR2002 P Eric Shuhandler; death resolution
HR2003 P Temple Emanu-El; centennial
HR2005 P death resolution; Marc Alan Lee
HR2008 P Rabbi Albert Plotkin; death resolution
SB1177 C cemetery regulations
SB1189 P admissibility of expert opinion testimony...
SB1215 C AHCCCS; integrative therapies pilot program
SB1242 C employer protections; labor relations
SB1243 C council on efficient government
SB1258 C medical records; disclosure; release
SB1279 C hospitals; emergency rooms; reimbursement rate
SB1359 P department of water resources; fund
SB1376 C music therapists; qualifications
SB1409 C motion picture production tax credits


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor