28-2133. Index and filing of liens, encumbrances or instruments; constructive notice

A. The department shall maintain an appropriate index of all liens, encumbrances or title retention instruments filed as provided by this article.

B. The filing and issuance of a new certificate of title as provided in this article is constructive notice to creditors of the owner or to subsequent purchasers of all liens and encumbrances against the vehicle described in the certificate of title, except those that are authorized by law and that are dependent on possession. If the documents referred to in this article are delivered to a registering office or an authorized third party provider of the department within thirty days after the date of their execution, the constructive notice dates from the time of execution. Otherwise, the notice dates from the time of receipt and filing of the documents by the department as shown by its endorsement.  For the purposes of this subsection, the time stamp on the documents that is administered by the registering officer or authorized third party provider of the department electronically or otherwise is conclusive as to the time and date of delivery of the documents.

C. The method provided in subsection B of this section for giving constructive notice of a lien or encumbrance on a vehicle required to be issued a certificate of title and registered under section 28-2153 or a mobile home required to be issued a certificate of title under section 28-2063 is exclusive, except for liens dependent on possession. A lien, encumbrance or title retention instrument or document that evidences any of them and that is filed as provided by this article is exempt from the provisions of law that otherwise require or relate to the recording or filing of instruments creating or evidencing title retention or other liens or encumbrances on vehicles of a type subject to registration under this chapter.

D. Notwithstanding any other law and except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the failure of a motor vehicle dealer as defined in section 28-4301, a finance company or the department to complete the paperwork within thirty days as prescribed in subsection B of this section shall not result in the loss of the vehicle for either the lienholder or the person who purchased the vehicle. This subsection does not limit or negate the powers of a trustee under 11 United States Code section 547 or any successor statute.